The Mangrove Jack portable boat trailer is in a class of its own. Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, it is the simplest boat trailer to use, with no tools required!

Check out these specs…

Easy Assembly
The Mangrove Jack simply slides and clips into position in 2 minutes and can be disassembled in half that time. The wheels are easily removed and can be stowed separately.

The Mangrove Jack is so portable you can say goodbye to ramp/trailer parking fees and securely store your trailer in the back of your vehicle while you’re boating.

Easy to Use
The Mangrove Jack is packed with features making it the easiest to use boat trailer on the market. For example:

  • The Mangrove Jack boasts a built-in extending hitch coupling, which makes reversing a little easier. This is particularly handy when winching where a spare wheel is mounted on the rear of the vehicle.
  • The main drawbar is telescopic, using a dedicated extrusion with two rails that self-clean and prevent jamming.
  • Boat retrieval is easy, even if the trailer is not coupled to a vehicle. The trailer is nicely balanced so that the boat can be winched up by one person if required.
  • The center roller has 18 possible adjustments and hull sliders are fully adjustable to accommodate various hull shapes.


Light Weight
Weighing in at just 38kg, the Mangrove Jack boat trailer is the lightest licensable boat trailer in Australia, with no heavy folding frame to lift. In fact, the heaviest piece is only 8kg.

Built Tough
Don’t let the weight fool you. The Mangrove Jack boat trailer is so tough two men can stand on the drawbar. The chassis is built from aircraft grade aluminium and all fasteners are stainless steel while the use of large box section aluminium means the trailer does not require track rods or braces for stiffening.

Long Lasting
The Mangrove Jack boat trailer conforms to the latest ADR regulations.

It is manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium. All the aluminium components are fully anodised…. durable & corrosion free.
High-speed 6-ply tyres are utilised with approved alloy wheels on Holden stub axles and bearings complete with marine seals and Castrol boating grease. We use only top quality USA or Japanese made wheel bearings.

In fact, the Mangrove Jack is the only trailer in Australia with stainless steel stub axles let alone they are 316 Stainless Steel! It is also fully anodised to protect against weathering, making it incredibly durable and rust-free!

Not only for Aluminium dinghys. We have optional kits for all kinds of boats:

  • Kayak Trailers
  • Portabote

All, part or none of the above kits may be required for your particular requirements. If you would like further advice on what is ideal for you please contact us.

Every trailer includes an LED light board, manufacturers VIN plate and VIN number stamped in the axle ready for registration. This complies with all state and territory regulations, is full ADR and ROVER compliant.

When attending licensing centres remember to take your ID and your invoice showing full payment as proof of ownership.

Extra particulars:

QLD – we include a copy of your “Self Assessment Form” with all the technical details filled in for you.

NSW – requires a certified weigh bridge certificate prior to licensing. We have found certificates obtained interstate problematic. It is recommended to have the trailer weighed in NSW.

WA – we are on bulk licencing so if you desire this option we can licence your trailer in your name prior to delivery.  This service is only available to current WA MDL holders. The costs are outlined in the products page.

Value for Money
The Mangrove Jack portable boat trailer is manufactured to last a lifetime. It retails for $2,990 ex factory and quality certainly matches expectations at this level.
We also provide subsidised freight to all Australian capital cities. Exact freight is determined by postcode which you can find here.

Some Fine Print

  • There have been some small upgrades to the trailer, that may differ slightly from what’s pictured